Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another handy Dremel rotary tool attachment

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been using my Dremel high-speed rotary tool with their 1/16" Carbide Grout Removal Bit to remove the old grout in my downstairs shower stall. This process takes a steady hand, so if you want added stability, you should consider the Dremel Tile Cutting Kit (item number 566) or Multipurpose Cutting Kit (item number 565). While the bits aren’t the ones you’ll need to remove grout, the attachment for the head is very handy. It screws onto the end of a Dremel rotary tool and let’s you set the depth of the bit you’re using.

While I own this attachment from previous work around my old house (the Multipurpose Cutting Kit, shown above), I didn’t use it when I was removing the old grout in my shower stall. I tried it first without the attachment and everything went well, so I didn’t go back and install it. If I had wanted to control how deeply I went into the old grout or simply wanted more stability that the large base provides, I would have certainly put it into action. Just something to consider if you want more control over this sometime unwieldy tool.

Tomorrow we start to patch the grout that’s been removed!

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