Friday, January 12, 2007

Back to the upstairs bathroom

With the shower faucet leak fixed in the downstairs bathroom, I can once again focus my attention on the upstairs bathroom remodeling project.

I've been prepping the various cracks in the plaster ceiling and walls for repair. If you've never repaired plaster cracks, it's a little different than repairing drywall, as the joint compound that is used is a little more significant. You can't use premixed joint compound (that comes in a five-gallon bucket) for fear that it's not strong enough for cracks caused by the home settling. (At least that's my take on it... I'm sure others would tell you that using premixed joint compound in conjunction with drywall tape or fiberglass mesh is good enough, but it's not what I learned from my father-in-law... a stickler for doing things right the first time.)

I'll share more on my plaster repair in the next few days.

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