Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don’t forget this critical home improvement project

It’s easy to fall into a funk this time of the year. If you’re knee-deep in home improvement projects like me, you find yourself not only consumed with the worries surrounding that project, but also a myriad of other headaches that come due after the first month of the new year ends. Tax documents start rolling in, bills from the holidays come due, and it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry is starting a new campaign to try to get more of your money. (Noticed the bulge in your mailbox since the first of the year? It’s direct mail drop season!)

So, with all of those annoyances distracting you, it’s easy to forget one of the year’s most important home improvement tasks. If you do this job right, you’re sure to experience an improved quality of life around the homestead.

What task is it? Valentines Day shopping. That’s right, it’s only two weeks from today, and if you pull this one off, all your hard work around the house will certainly be rewarded (and your mishaps forgiven). But why is shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift a home improvement task, you ask? Read slowly: home improvement. Any gift should make things around the home improve, right?

If you’ve been at this for a while, you can attest to the fact that it’s harder and hard to complete this task in a unique manner each year. Thus, just like the typical posts in Old Home Blog, I’m going to share my experience in hope that it helps lead to another successful project completion for you.

Here are my picks for four sites that make Valentine’s Day shopping easy, and most important, gift-giving rewarding.

That’s right, good old fashioned PJ’s. has a wide selection, from classic pajamas and Valentine’s Day inspired designs, to more risqué designs. Best part: each order includes a personalized card and comes wrapped in a hat box. We’re talking 10 minutes and done here, fellas.

Tired of chocolates? Your significant other might be too. Try cookies from David’s Cookies. They have cookies and desserts that’ll make a box of chocolates look like the most unoriginal gift ever.

I know, it’s so traditional, but I also understand that some just have to have them. If that’s the case shoot over to and check out not only their flowers, but also their other Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

For serious relationships only
OK, if those first three picks almost put you to sleep, this should wake you up. Bare Necessities has a wide selection of lingerie and sleepwear Valentine’s gift ideas that should please all. For you ladies out there, they even have a selection of gifts for men.

Alright, I’ve done about all I can do for you. Now it’s up to you. Do something about it right now before you’re one of those chumps paying $30 for rush shipping two days prior to Valentine’s Day. Oh, and if you get the old frying pan to the head for forgetting again, especially after reading this, don’t blame me.

Back to serious home improvement business tomorrow.

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