Monday, January 29, 2007

Gutter ice dams

As I mentioned in my last post, ice dams have formed in all the gutters on the north side of our Cape Cod. Seems the recent snow, thaw, snow, freeze, snow pattern has lead to some trouble for our six-month-old gutters. Those gutters are currently filled to the rim with ice, and from the research I’ve done, there’s little I can do about it. Some tricks, but the focus is primarily on prevention, not what do to once you already have ice dams

One trick I’ve found involves filling an old tube sock (or panty hose) with snow melt pellets (not rock salt) and placing it perpendicular to the gutter to break the ice into manageable chunks. I’m going to give that technique a shot on one of the short, easy to reach sections right above the back door.

More to come.

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