Monday, January 8, 2007

No more shower faucet leaks!

Great news! The leak in the downstairs bathroom has officially been fixed.

I went down to the basement first thing this morning to make sure all of the boards around the drain pan were dry before the troops hit the shower this morning. (See photos of the leaking shower from the basement.) Everything was dry, so the true test was upon us: was it indeed the hot water faucet in the shower causing the leak?

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Shower faucet leak: nothing’s easy post, I’ve fixed the leak in the hot water compression faucet. With that fixed, I wanted to confirm it was the water from that faucet going into the wall, then down to the basement. If it wasn’t, it meant the shower tiles were not watertight. That, my friends, would be really bad.

I’m happy to report that after all showers were complete, I went back down to the basement and there were no signs of water. That’s one headache solved. Now I can get back to work on the upstairs bathroom, which is why we’re using the downstairs shower in the first place!

Tomorrow I’ll try to post the step by step process of fixing a leak in a compression faucet. Until then, may your water flow where you intend it to.

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