Friday, January 5, 2007

Roofer came, now the shower faucet leak

The roofer came yesterday to check out the leak that was occurring around our chimney up in the attic. As I’ve mentioned before, we had our house re-roofed in the spring of 2006. Prior to the new roof, there were signs of previous leaks, but we thought we had addressed those by having the chimney tuck-pointed and a new concrete crown put on (also in the spring of 2006).

Before I go any farther, I was to reassert my feelings toward the company that put our roof on. I was very impressed with the company in every aspect. From the sales guy, to the crew chief, to all the guys on the crew, I think they did a great job from top to bottom. The crew chief deserves extra accolades. He actually came out one other time since the new roof was completed to see if he could determine where the leak in our dinning room ceiling was coming from. This was above and beyond the call of duty, since we hired them to put a new roof on the primary portion of the house, not the flat roof above the dinning room (which was fixed two years ago by a different company).

My respect for that crew chief – Paul – only grew after he came yesterday. He got up on the roof and checked the flashing around the chimney. He said everything looked fine and surmised that the stone chimney was absorbing water, then leaking. Sounds a little far fetched to me, but he had a great point: the two times it leaked recently was after we had experienced a couple days of steady, driving rain. Well, he’s the pro, not me, so I’ll believe him until I have a reason not to.

This is when the respect level grew: Paul went out and obtained sealer for the stone chimney and sprayed it to our chimney. Was this Paul’s responsibility? Hardly. And while I’m not 100% confident that the stones are the problem or that the sealer is the long term solution, I do have to respect Paul for going above and beyond to keep a customer – a past customer at that – happy. Kudos to Paul.

Tomorrow’s project: fix the leaky shower faucet in the downstairs bathroom and try to make more progress in the upstairs bathroom.


  1. Sounds like you have an excellent roofing contractor and should feel very fortunate!! Has anyone checked to see if the flue pipes underneath the chimney caps are out of alignment? If so, they would need to be realigned to prevent further leakage from heavy wind-driven rains. This is a very common problem with older homes.

  2. I clicked on the picture of the chimney,flashing looks suspect!