Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rotary tool grout removal kit

So there I am at my local hardware store last night buying another bit for my Dremel rotary tool (actually, for a work project, not the cape cod this time). As I stood and waited for an employee to open the glass case containing all their Dremel attachments and bits, I was perusing the other goodies behind the glass. Turns out, Dremel isn’t the only company that sells an attachment for a high-speed rotary tool. (See my post, Dremel Grout Removal Attachment.)

I also discovered that a company named Milescraft Inc. makes a Grout Removal Combo Kit (item number 1004). I found the same kit offered by my local hardware store at Amazon.com, and barrowed their description of the product:

"The Milescraft Grout Removal Combo kit has two rotary tool attachments to help solve your grout removal needs. The Angle Plunge is a versatile attachment that adjusts in 15 degree increments from 60 to 45 degree. The Corner Grout Remover has an extended nosepiece that allows the bit to get into tight corners. Both tools will easily attach to corded rotary tools."

See the Milescraft 1004 Rotary Tool Grout Removal Attachment Combo Kit at Amazon.com.

Just thought I’d pass this along, as this attachment seems to offer a little more functionality than the attachment offered by Dremel.

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