Saturday, February 3, 2007

Plastic joint compound mud pan

If I didn’t state clearly enough in my Drywall and plaster joint compound tools post to never buy a plastic joint compound mud pan, let me state it again now with absolute resolve.

I spent a large portion of today repairing cracks in the plaster walls of our upstairs bathroom. I would guess that there have been at least 30 batches of joint compound mixed in my plastic mud pan on this project alone (plenty of cracks, and three layers of mud on each). With all the scrapping from the metal 4" joint knife on the inside of the tub while mixing, applying the mud to the walls, and during clean-up, the plastic is going to naturally start showing signs of wear.

Today I noticed on a couple of occasions that when I was dragging joint compound across a repair area that small flakes of the yellow plastic mud pan were on the wall. Needless to say, when you’re trying to leave a nice, clean application of joint compound, any fragment in the mud is going to be pulled along the edge of the taping knife and leave a streak in the mud. While the flakes of plastic from the mud pan are small, they’re a total menace.

So again, don’t skimp when it comes to shopping for your joint compound tools. Tomorrow I need to go out and buy a new stainless steel mud pan, so I really didn’t save anything in the end.

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