Friday, February 16, 2007

Progress tonight, 20% off paint tomorrow

Tonight I put in another three hours of quality time into the upstairs bathroom project. I’m happy to report that the ceiling in the shower nook is almost completely repaired and ready for primer. More on that in the near future.

Tomorrow there’s a bag sale at Ace Hardware. Anything you can fit into a paper bag is 20% off. While we’re not ready for paint, we’re going to take advantage of the savings opportunity and buy our latex paint for the bathroom walls and ceiling. We’ll also probably stock up on Kilz latex primer, since we’ll put that down on the plaster (and joint compound repairs) prior to putting down the final paint color.

Now, it’s time to start flipping through the paint chip samples that we’ve be accruing over the past couple months. Seems like every time we’ve gone to Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or Lowes recently, that we come home with another three or four shades of gray (the color we're painting the walls).

Let the official shade of gray debate begin!

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