Sunday, February 4, 2007

Stainless steel compound mud pan

This morning I swung by Lowes and picked up a new stainless steel mud pan to replace my failing plastic mud pan.

If you enlarge the photo to the right, you’ll see the failing plastic in the bottom of the plastic mud pan. I alluded to this yesterday (Plastic joint compound mud pan) but it was only accentuated this afternoon when I noticed a small flake of yellow plastic embedded in the hardened joint compound that I put down yesterday. This only validated my decision to go to with the better stainless steel mud pan.

The new mud pan is shown to the right. One little piece of clarification to my Drywall and plaster joint compound tools post from a couple of days ago. When preaching the virtues of spending the extra money on a stainless steel mud pan from the get-go, I guessed that I probably saved $10 by purchasing the plastic mud pan instead of the better stainless steel mud pan. Well, much to my delight, the stainless steel mud pan that I purchased today was only $8.88, while the plastic mud pan was around $4.50. Trust me, spend the extra $4.00 on the stainless steel mud pan (skip the trip to Starbucks on the way home if you’re concerned about the four bucks!).

Working with the stainless steel mud pan is great. Since the joint compound doesn’t adhere to the sides (which happens moderately on the plastic mud pan), it’s easy to mix and then pull the mud from the pan to the taping knives. And the best part, clean-up is extremely easy. I was using a hand brush to clean the plastic mud pan because as the joint compound hardened it became more difficult to remove it from the inside of the pan. With the stainless steel pan, some warm water and a couple of passes with your hand is all you’ll need to clean out the inside of the mud pan. (Naturally, remove all the excess mud with a joint knife and throw it in the garbage before washing the mud pan in the sink.)

The only concern I have with this new mud pan is that the top edges are sharp, and since I hold the pan from both the bottom or from the top with my thumb pointed down into the pan, I’ll have to be careful not to cut myself. (I know I probably just jinxed myself.)

This project should really hit its stride now that I’m saving so much time cleaning up. Yeah, right!

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