Friday, February 9, 2007

Time out for a prank

This week has been extremely un-productive in terms of working on the old Cape Cod. Between family commitments and the day-to-day rigors of working a full day, coming home to more work on the old house just hasn’t been in the cards.

What was in the cards this week was a good old fashion prank on a co-worker. If you watch The Office on NBC, this prank will hit home with you. On the show, Jim occasionally puts a co-worker’s office product inside a Jell-O mold. If memory serves me, his first stunt was suspending co-worker Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O.

This stressful was the perfect time for a little comic relief. One of my co-workers is a big fan of The Office, so she’s been the brunt of my antics. Shortly before the holidays when she was out of the office for a few days, I filled her favorite water glass with lime Jell-O. She retaliated with a weak attempt to fill my Eclipse gum BigEPak (a small plastic cylinder that holds 60 pieces of gum) with Jell-O. I say weak because the gum started breaking down inside the Jell-O, making the Jell-O more like goop. What a rookie. And, since she ruined 30-plus pieces of gum, the ball was back in my court.

My opportunity presented itself about a month ago when a different co-worker’s computer mouse failed. After a new mouse was delivered, I swooped in and took the old useless mouse. That’s right; I would exact my revenge with a tool of modern day society that no office cube-dweller can live without: their mouse.

My wife actually did the hard work, which was finding a container that was perfect for placing the mouse in, upside down, so once the Jell-O had set, it could easily be flipped out of the container.

The results are to the right. I made certain I was nearby when my co-worker arrived at the office that morning. She said she didn’t know what to do. After all, you can’t exactly call the IT help desk and say you need a new mouse because yours is buried in Jell-O! Since I’m not completely mean-spirited, and because I really didn’t want her to call the help desk, I left her “good” mouse nearby so she would see it. I also put it on a plate so the Jell-O wouldn’t “melt” on her mouse pad.

Well, now that the fun and games portion of this week is over, I’ll be back to work in the upstairs bathroom tomorrow. More progress reports on the plaster crack repairs then.

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